Downstairs 87, public residency at Leftfield Bar, New York, NY, 2015-2016
In 2015 Carmelle Safdie was the inaugural artist-in-residence at Downstairs 87, the basement level of Leftfield Bar at 87 Ludlow Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side. For her residency, Safdie redesigned the venue interior with murals, furniture, light fixtures, and a song-activated sign, and hosted a series of dance parties — Discovery of the Circle, Discovery of the Square, and Discovery of the Triangle — in the space. She also used the bar as the set for her 2016 music video Discovery of The Shape. The party titles and Discovery of The Shape song lyrics are sourced from Bruno Munari's visual case study books on geometric shapes. Safdie's installation also served as the backdrop for nightly parties and performances through the summer of 2016