A collaborative song project by Gary Olson, Carmelle Safdie, and Åke Strömer, established to create the soundtrack for Discover of The Shape, Safdie's 2016 music video by the same name

"Discovery of The Shape," digital self-release, 2016

Carmelle and the Intro Factory: Åke Strömer, Carmelle Safdie, Gary Olson, photo by Emma Harling

BEACHNIKS 2008-2013

Emily Curtin (guitar, vocals), Nik (organ), Serge Pinsky (bass, vocals), Carmelle Safdie (vocals, xylophone, percussion), and JB Townsend (drums). The band performed live around New York City from 2008-2011, including at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Coney Island Aquarium. Releases include Funky Head EP (Captured Tracks, 2009), smilelove/Beachniks Split 7" (Bleeding Gold, 2012), and In Color LP (self released/Neotomic Records, 2013). See Safdie's record cover designs here

"Will I Grow Up To Paint A Square?" from In Color LP, self-released, 2013

Beachniks: Serge Pinsky, JB Townsend, Nik, Emily Curtin, Carmelle Safdie, photo by Annie Powers


From 2011-2014 Juan Wauters (guitar, vocals), and Carmelle Safdie (vocals, percussion, harmonica, melodica) performed together around New York City (including at the Queens Museum), in Montevideo, Uruguay, and in Tel Aviv, Israel, and toured the US and Canada. The duo performed in various configurations, including with Matthew Volz (stage design) and Amanda Rodi (flute). Collaborative releases include the tracks "Breathing" and "How Do They All Do" on Wauters' N.A.P. North American Poetry LP (Captured Tracks, 2014) and Wearing Leather Wearing Fur EP (Captured Tracks 2015)

"How Do They All Do (Feat. Carmelle)," from N.A.P. North American Poetry LP by Juan Wauters, Captured Tracks, 2014

Juan Wauters and Carmelle Safdie, live at Pareo Negro, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2011

THE PUDDIN' POPS 2005-2006 (LP 2011)

The nine-piece band performed at birthday parties in New York City from May 2005 through May 2006. Releases include Party Platter compilation (Floridas Dying, 2010) and Passion of the Pops LP (What's Your Rupture?/F.O.K.P and Haunted Horse, 2011)

"Nah Dude," from Passion of the Pops LP, What's Your Rupture, 2011

Josh Feldman, Andy Adler, Kevin Pedersen, Noah Amos, Alex Curtin, Sophy Naess, Brody Railton, Carmelle Safdie